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Monday, July 26, 2010

Don's top 15 pitchers list going forward

Pitching is such a crucial part of winning your fantasy league, so stop messing around and send out some offers for these guys. Lets take a look at who you should have going forward...

Top 15 Pitchers:

1. Josh Johnson-
Josh who? Yea about 6 months ago Josh Johnson was yet another Florida Marlin that was under the radar. He has proved all the skeptics wrong and cannot be barreled up. 5 homeruns given up this year... Look for the dominance to continue.

2. Roy Halladay- 140 K's with a 2.28 and he is having a bad year? The Phillies will heat up and his run support will improve, look for him to be right at the top when its all said and done.

3. King Felix- OH KING FELIX WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? In Seattle striking out 142 batters and holding onto a 2.75 ERA. Get him on your team and get ready for the second half ride.

4. Adam Wainwright- His numbers do not lie... Three very good seasons in the town that Nelly built. His ERA is still going down down baby.

5. Ubaldo Jimenez- What have you done! You have the best stuff in baseball but you are not throwing strikes! C'mon Son throw some damn strikes and help a brotha out.

6.Clifford Lee- This starts to get tricky. When you think of second half pitchers you have to think about Lee, CC, and Lester. Lee takes the top of the three right now because he is so clutch down the stretch and already has great numbers. Some say his numbers will inflate in Texas and I say you suck, your wrong.

7. Lester- He is a machine, a strikeout/ winning machine. Why would yahoo rank him 66th best player going into the year? The guy had 16 wins and 214 K's last year. Roy Halladay had 17 wins with 208 K's. What am I missing?

8. CC- The luxury of playing in New York is that you can have a 5.0 ERA and still probably come up with 15 wins. Well he has a 3.18 ERA and is $$$ down the stretch. 13 wins already, Look for 19-21 Wins.

9. Lincecum-
He is always so good and is having a good year. But so many pitchers are catching up and/or surpassing him. He will do more of the same in the second half.

10. Jered Weaver- 147 K's wow! He is striking out more than he has ever. Could this be maturity or some good luck. I would say some good luck, however the Angels are in it to win it so he will get his wins and nice a ERA.

11. Chris Carpenter-
He is always a threat to go to the DL but if not he is one of the best in the game hands down. He is already having a great year and if he was not injury prone, he would be around 6 in my list.

12. Clayton Kernshaw-
He has never hit the 200 Inning mark in his career but if he does then owners will be salivating over his K total. He is a strike out artist and if the Dodgers pick it up, he will get his wins.

13. Liriano- When he is on he is un-hittable. He has a filthy change and plus fastball. He has never thrown this many innings before but he will be fine.

14. Gavin Floyd- Yes he is on this list. Over the last month he has 3 wins and a 1.35 ERA. This streak of greatness extends past the last month however and he needs to be owned. He has done this 3 years in a row. He starts of terrible and has an exceptional finish.

15. David Price- Almost 6 k's and outing is outstanding. He was suppose to be a super star and is starting to truly live up to the hype. He has fell off a little, but he is a competitor.

Bubble: Gallardo, Verlander, Latos, Johan Santana, Colby Lewis, Wandy Rodriguez.

Side Note: Strasburg would make the list, however this is for the second half and his innings will be capped.

Tuck's Top Hitters come's out Tuesday...

Written by Sean

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